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Dyslexia Consultant Specialist in NZ

Doing The Best For People Who Think Differently


Doing The Best For People Who Think Differently

The dyslexia story is not all bad news. There is definitely a silver lining. Dyslexia often bestows on those who have it a range of remarkable talents and skills. These come under the collective name of Positive Dyslexia.

Many of the world's most talented people are dyslexic. The following notable people are or were all dyslexic:

  • Sir Richard Branson
  • Sir Richard Taylor (Weta Workshop)
  • John Britten (founded the Britten Motorcycle Company)
  • Tom Cruise
  • Keira Knightley
  • Sir Winston Churchill


I am a Dyslexia and Neurodiversity Consultant, Researcher and Practitioner in New Zealand. I have been involved in the world of adult literacy and numeracy provision since 2001.

Calling All People Who Think They May Have Dyslexia and/or Their Families & Loved Ones

Sadly, even in 2023 people with dyslexia still hide in the shadows and many do not completely understand their condition.  Even sadder, neither the media, the politicians or nor government agencies do much to support dyslexic/neurodiverse people.

Dyslexia needs to be made more visible.

I would like to screen you to identify or confirm your dyslexia for free – in return for the chance to tell your story.  I would like to include your name – but if you prefer, I could keep the story nameless.

Please contact me on this website if this offer interests you.  You can rest assured that I would treat your individual story with the utmost respect.

Book Launch: “Congratulations – You Have Dyslexia.  Great Minds Think Differently”

Kia ora. Haere mai – Welcome.

Do you have a loved one with dyslexia?  It may be somebody special to you.  Or it may be you yourself.  If so, congratulations!  This book is especially written for people with dyslexia and their family/whanau.  So, if you are a child, a teenager, or an adult with dyslexia this book is written for you.  It is also written for the families, loved ones, partners and close friends of people with dyslexia.

The cost of the book is NZ$40.00 + $7.20 postage and packaging within New Zealand.  Contact me for international shipping costs.

Congratulations – You have dyslexia

Mike Styles, Literacy & Numeracy Adviser @ BDA IC 2018:
Dyslexia and Neurodiversity Consultant, Mike Styles at the British Dyslexia Association International Conference 2018.
Mike talks about adult literacy and raising awareness on dyslexia in adults around the workplace.

There are significant literacy and numeracy issues in the primary sector as well as large numbers of staff with dyslexia. I have led a number of initiatives to improve the literacy and numeracy skills of primary sector employees as well as initiatives to support adults with dyslexia.

I am a Member of the British Dyslexia Association, and have recently returned from presenting a paper at Oxford University on how adult dyslexics are supported in New Zealand. My services are available for hire to assist leaders of the adult workforce and education facilities, who require information and support in this field.

Effective Interventions Dyslexia


Dyslexia is a condition whereby people of average to above average intellect struggle to read, write and spell, in spite of having received quality instruction.

Dyslexia affects around 10 percent of the population worldwide.

Media Releases


As a widely published and sought after speaker, provided expert advise to audiences in New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Here you are able to see a sample of the services I have provided over the past 18 years.

How I Can Help?


As a foremost expert in adult literacy and numeracy, I offer consulting services to a wide range of businesses, educators, and non-profits.
Ranging in size from one-to-one consultations to large seminars, I am able to provide my services globally

Blog and Articles

Some good news in the time of Covid 19

Good News for Neurodiverse/Dyslexic Tertiary Education learners For most of the fifteen percent of kiwi learners with neurodiverse conditions like dyslexia, tertiary education has been a nightmare and a lottery.  There are some great individual educators, but there...

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Mike Styles chosen to lead new initiative

Mike Styles is leading an exciting new initiative in New Zealand to implement a Dyslexia Friendly Quality Mark for tertiary education institutions. It is anticipated that the Quality Mark will be extended down to include primary and secondary schools over time and...

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SINCE 1993

As a foremost expert in the field of adult literacy and numeracy in New Zealand, I offer my services to provide consultations and information seminars globally.

Since 2001 I have presented to audiences throughout New Zealand, Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe.

Available for:

  • One-to-one consultations
  • Small to medium sized workshops
  • Small to large seminars