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Presentation for the british dyslexia assosciation, international conference 2021

Mike Styles is a dyslexia consultant,

Why thinking differently is a strength in the workplace

By Mike Styles and Dorenda Britten.

Mike Styles is a dyslexia consultant, and Dorenda Britten is chief executive of the Britten Institute. The Britten Institute sets out to leverage the creative genius of John Britten – the inventor of the Britten Motorcycle. John had the blessing of having dyslexia.

Our economy could be turbo boosted if we supported adults and children with dyslexia

It is an individual waste and an economic waste for Australia not to recognise dyslexia.” The same applies here to this side of the Tasman.

Support for adults with Dyslexia

It is estimated that 1 in 10 adults have dyslexia – but many are not aware they have the condition.

Presenting to Dyslexic learners

The best way to present resources to support Dyslexic learners

2018 Diversity works awards - The diversibility Award

Awarded to Primary Industry Training Organisation for the work led by Mike Styles to support trainees and staff with dyslexia in the primary sector in New Zealand.

Literacy still a challenge for many

You probably think literacy isn’t a problem for many New Zealanders in this day and age. But you’d be wrong.

Half of our primary industry workers – people who work in farming, agriculture and horticulture – can’t read a newspaper or complicated document.

Better Job for Our Dyslexic People

New Zealand must do a better job for our Dyslexic people

The positive features of dyslexia show up more as people mature into adulthood.
Creative & Intelligent Stuff

Creative and Intelligent: Dyslexia shouldn't be ignored

Those with dyslexia are often found to be some of the most talented individuals. They are the very people who can give this country a creative and productive edge.
People with a Disability or Health Condition

People with a disability or health condition the answer to skills shortages

Every couple of days we hear about labour shortages across the economy. From fruit picking and bus or truck driving, to factory work and all manner of office jobs, employers are saying they have trouble getting the people they need.